Originally I was a boy from Maine with a dual cassette deck, making cut-up sound collages from what I heard on the radio. Then one thing led to another….

Today, I design sounds to convey information, influence decisions, extend diegetic space, and guide emotions, whether it’s for a game, an application, a film, or an environment. My most recent sound design has been mostly in service of real-time, procedural interactive installations; prototypes for consumer electronics products and applications; and short films.

I am not just a sound designer. I am a field recordist, musician, and mastering engineer, as well as an illustrator, animator, creative director, and award-winning interface and user experience designer. I have run the Noise Jockey blog on sound design since 2008, and was a cofounder of the cross-disciplinary audio website SonicTerrain.com (now SonicField.org). I’m a member of AES, GANG, and the Interaction Design Association. This “expert generalism” allows me to communicate with any discipline, in their language, and with empathy for their process.

And that’s to say nothing of my years of experience in writing and computer journalism, motion graphics, and more. I’ve managed teams and built entire departments. I’ve even designed tattoos. And a CGI-enhanced fart for a major motion picture. And, oddly enough, I’ve designed quite a few logos for other audio companies.

So, let’s tell some stories. Create some experiences. Make people feel. Reach out, and let’s make some noise together.

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